AI4Copernicus tools and methods for bridging AI and EO


Half-day tutorial at BiDS 2023.

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Half-day tutorial in BiDS 2023

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What: Half-day tutorial with hands-on session
When: Monday, November 6, 2023 at 14.00-17.30 CET
Where: Austria Center Vienna, Room 0.97, Vienna, Austria


Tutorial Companion

AI4Copernicus BiDS2023 Tutorial Companion


The AI4Copernicus Project Overview
Assessment of Natural Hazards: Challenge and the Security Bootstrapping Service
Crop Type Classification: Challenge Description and the Agriculture Bootstrapping Service
Semantic and Linked Data Tools for Geospatial and Earth Observation Data


Artificial Intelligence (AI) represents a collection of tools and methodologies that have the potential of transforming virtually all aspects of human activity. Earth observation (EO) data, including satellite and in-situ, are essential for a number of applications, covering high-impact domains as diverse as security, agriculture and health. The H2020 AI4Copernicus project delivers a technological framework for developers and businesses to combine AI-infused tools and EO data and services in order to create high impact applications. This is further facilitated by providing a bridge between DIAS platforms and the European AI-on-Demand platform.

This tutorial will present the main technological assets AI4Copernicus brings to the table as well as its methodology and tools for linking the DIAS and AI-on-Demand platforms, through appropriately selected use-cases during a hands-on session. Indicatively, technological assets AI4Copernicus contributes to the community include the following: Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 pre-processing chains, Deep network for pixel-level classification of S2 patches, Probabilistic downscaling of CAMS air quality model data, and many others. In addition, AI4Copernicus contributed semantics-based tools for visualisation and discovery of complex EO data. More information can be found in the AI4Copernicus Technical Documentation.

The choice of the use cases for the hands-on applications will come from AI4Copernicus’ rich collaborations with 3rd parties who specialise in EO applications in the fields of Security, Health, Agriculture, Climate and others, and will be consolidated nearer the time of the tutorial.

This tutorial will target EO and AI specialists and will require little IT technical background. The hands-on session will take place on the CREODIAS infrastructure and will involve the application of AI techniques on available datasets.


Session 1: Background (90’)

Break (30’)

Session 2: Hands-on (90’)


To register, visit the BiDS registration page and register as participant to the “AI4Copernicus tools and methods for bridging AI and EO” event in Group 3.

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This workshop is partially supported by the EC H2020 project AI4Copernicus, grant agreement No. 101016798.